As a family business, LONGGOAL was founded in 1996, developing from a regional retail agency into an exclusive agency of numerous international high-end brands; industries involved have crossed the retail, manufacturing, real estate and finance. Adhering to the concept of integrity and pursuit of excellence, LONGGOAL has made remarkable achievements and developments during the past two decades.



In 1996, LONGGOAL settled in the retail industry and acted as the agent of Brand PIERRE CARDIN (regional).

In 2004, LONGGOAL established offices in Beijing, becoming the exclusive agency of Brand GANT.

In 2005, LONGGOAL headquartered in Shanghai.

In 2015, Longgoal Holdings Co. Ltd formally announced its partner of Thomas Pink and bebe.

In 2017 Nov,  officially terminated the Cooperative relationship with Thomas Pink.



LONGGOAL has a complete company structure and experienced staffs.

LONGGOAL has business development capabilities in major shopping centers and department stores.

LONGGOAL has successful experiences and extraordinary performances in operating international brands.

LONGGOAL has strong financial support and professional retail management experience.


Today, LONGGOAL has established a good cooperative relationship with many international brands and developed hundreds of important customer groups in the major cities. Meanwhile, LONGGOAL has established and owned a passionate and high-efficiency team to support the cause.


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